Lisbon Conferece

Countdown to Lisbon 2020!

The second Khoja Leadership Forum (KLF) summit will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on Friday 30 October, Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November 2020.

KLF brings together our most successful, most dynamic and most cutting-edge entrepreneurs, executives, academics and thought leaders from across the world.

Our community today is fortunate to count many of the leading industrialists of Africa, a plethora of the finest merchants from the Indian Subcontinent and many of the best trained professionals in Europe. The strength of our businessmen and women is significant.

After the brilliant success of our Davos 2017 Summit on “Philanthropic Leadership for Humanity” we are hosting our 2020 Khoja Leadership Summit in Lisbon.

Lisbon 2020 – the second Khoja Leadership Summit
30 and 31 October, and 1 November 2020


  • Insights from VIP attendees including business people, politicians and humanitarians renowned for their commitment to excellence.
  • Definition of future projects, including the goal of eradicating poverty from the Khoja community worldwide by 2025.
  • Pitches for investment from start-ups (commercial and social enterprise).
  • Launch of initiatives to benefit humanity as a whole, not simply Khojas.
  • Live auction at the Gala Dinner to raise $100,000 for one of our projects.
  • Historic signing of the Lisbon Accord.
This will be a hugely galvanising, inspiring event that brings global figures in the Khoja community to Lisbon for the purposes of better business and better philanthropy.

What have we achieved since Davos?
The Davos Accord

At Davos the KLF created a new kind of philanthropy, enshrined in its Davos Accord. The Accord identified three priorities:

  1. Eradicating poverty in the Khoja community through sustainable economic development.
  2. Education for the underprivileged.
  3. Emergency disaster relief.

KLF also adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on increasing economic productivity; ending forced labour, slavery and trafficking; and protection of labour rights. As a result, the Davos Accord was presented at the UN in 2018.

Making a difference


All the attendees at the Davos summit signed the Accord, and pledged to take concrete actions to make a difference. Examples of actions taken since Davos include:

  • $2 million raised for an interest-free small business loans scheme in Karachi, Pakistan, that is proven to lift families out of poverty.
  • Similar projects in East Africa, with another in India underway in February 2020.
  • Initiatives empowering women and girls with IT skills to uplift whole communities.
  • Launch of #KhojasUnited for Humanity.
  • Education: collectively we support over 20,000 children worldwide with a focus in 2020 on quality education to uplift pupils and their families more effectively.
  • Disaster relief: through WF-Aid, the humanitarian arm of the World Federation, we provide emergency disaster relief in 20+ countries, with plans underway to achieve even more through partnerships with other NGOs.

By bringing together our finest minds, our biggest investors and our greatest assets we are catalysing great social investments into our community and indeed into humanity at large.

We are committed to share best practice, pool resources and cross-pollinate ideas through collaboration and partnership. We looking forward to seeing you at Lisbon 2020.