About Us

The Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit

The Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit has been born out of the idea of connecting our global entrepreneurs, philanthropists and highest achievers worldwide.

We believe that by bringing about this greater co-operation we can achieve collective, united, effective efforts for the greater good that will benefit both the Khoja Community as well as Humanity.

We are quite fortunate and blessed, as a community, to have developed significantly as a direct result of the success of our entrepreneurs. Indeed our heritage illustrates a strong business mind-set: from the formation of our community by traders who emigrated from the Indian Subcontinent, to the philanthropy and social investments made by our leading businessmen and women today.

Our inaugural Summit will occur on the 8th, 9th and 10th September 2017 in Davos Switzerland. We expect to have over 100 of our most successful, most dynamic and most cutting edge entrepreneurs, executives, academics, high ahievers and thought leaders from across the world.