Davos Accord

And We made them leaders, guiding (men) by Our Command, and We sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practice regular charity; and they constantly served Us (21:73)


We, a group of Khoja Business Leaders and Khoja High Achievers, met in Davos, Switzerland, on 9th and 10th September 2017 with the aim to support one another to increase our collective Philanthropic efforts to develop our Community and Humanity at large.

We recognise:

The immense work by so many people that has made this summit such a success.

The critical importance of the key issues we have discussed.

The historic nature of our gathering, and the legacy that must follow.

Our resolutions

We are resolved to tackle three challenges that we highlighted as our priorities:

  1. Eradicating poverty in our Khoja community through sustainable economic development
  2. Education
  3. Emergency disaster relief

We are resolved to create a Khoja Wealth Fund as a sustainable way to leverage our potential.

We are resolved to share best practice, pool resources and cross-pollinate ideas through collaboration and partnership.

We adopt these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with Global Sustainability Network, goals which we have the power to attain:

8.2 To achieve higher levels of economic productivity
8.7 To end forced labour, slavery and trafficking. We will compile a Report for the UN on the work that KBLS is already doing to meet this goal
8.8 To protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments

We pledge today to take concrete actions to make a difference.